About Us

SOARTEC Industrial Corp. was founded in 2003, based in Wufeng, Taichung, Taiwan.

We are the most professional manufacturer in Taiwan in producing high-performance Pneumatic Air Powered Pneumatic Tools for industrial and professional applications.

Our product lines include Air Sander, Air Impact Wrench, Air Grinder, Air Drill, Air Hammer, Air Screwdriver and more.

The SOARTEC logo design was inspired by Taijitu symbol.
The "S" in the center of the image symbolizes the airflow pattern. The air flows from high pressure to low pressure inside the pneumatic motor in a circular pattern, converts compressed air into mechanical energy.

Green Sustainability

From product design, production to repair and replacement, SOARTEC is committed to manufacture low-energy consumption, low-carbon emission, high energy-efficient and recyclable pneumatic tools.

Based on the philosophy of “Taken from Mother Nature, give back to Earth", we persist in the environmentally-friendly priority by making the best use of limited resources and sustainable recycling materials as practical actions to contribute to the sustainability of our planet and deliver a meaningful green corporate value.